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Latest Industrial News-Pressure leaf filter

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Written by Thomas | Published in News
  • pressure leaf filter

A filter that is used to remove small particles of soft or solid matter from liquid streams in called the pressure leaf filter. The two vastly used types of pressure leaf filter are horizontal pressure leaf filter and vertical pressure leaf filter. Horizontal pressure leaf filter is a combination of a horizontal tank and a removable cover. On the other hand, vertical pressure leaf filter is quite similar to horizontal pressure leaf filter. The prime difference between these two is the orientation of elements is vertical in vertical pressure leaf filter. Though there are some structural differences between these two pressure leaf filters, they both contain advantages over the filtration process.

Advantages of horizontal pressure leaf filter:

Horizontal pressure leaf filter is considered as one the finest machine in its job. It’s because it is capable of providing some specific advantages like –

  • Automated system: it is an enclosed filtration system and it can be fully automated.
  • High filtrate clarity: A high filtrate quality can be produced be horizontal pressure leaf filter after the clarification run.
  • Suitability: Horizontal pressure leaf filter is suitable for every kind of filter aids.
  • Short regeneration time: In pressure leaf filter, in the filtration process the regeneration takes time. But this filter takes comparatively short regeneration time between the filtration cycles.
  • Requires minimum maintenance: Horizontal pressure leaf filter has no rotating parts which keep the maintenance to a minimum.
  • Corrosion problem: Corrosion problem can be minimized in this filter.
  • Economical filtration solution: horizontal pressure leaf filter can lead to economical filtration solution.
  • Exposing leaf filter bundle: The entire filter leaf bundle can be fully exposed for inspection and maintenance in this filter.
  • Protection from discharge area: There are so many machines out there which can cause danger to its operator. One the contrary, in the case of operating horizontal pressure leaf filter the operator is protected from the discharge area.
  • Free of process piping breaking: No process piping break is necessary to open vessel of horizontal pressure leaf filter.
  • No need of discharge pit: Like with retractable bundle filters, there is no need of discharge pit in front of the filter.

Advantages of vertical pressure leaf filter:

Though the list of advantages is not as long as horizontal pressure leaf filter, but still it is capable of providing you with specific advantages such as –

  • Mechanical simplicity: Vertical pressure leaf filter is mechanically simple, which has made it more easy to use.
  • The absence of complex sealing glands and bearings: In this filter, there is no complex sealing glands and bearings.
  • Easy access to woven mesh screen: The woven mesh screen may easily be accessed which covers the leaves of the horizontal tanks if the stack is pulled out of the vessel.

Both the filters are ideal to be chosen as a pressure leaf filter for your plant. They both are quite ideal for the filtration of liquid with solid content.

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