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Written by Thomas | Published in Business

As we start to transition from winter to summer, it is a perfect time for a change in your home. A new theme will brighten the mood in your house and help to entertain and impress guests. Welcome the sun and say goodbye to the frozen weather with a full Tiny kitchen designs!

Color Theme

Choosing a new color theme for your kitchen is one of the main steps in remodeling it for spring. Spring color themes usually are the pastels and light colors, similar to Easter colors (which is unsurprisingly in spring). Once you have your colors decides, write them down and take them with you when you purchase new spring-inspired kitchen tools. Painting cupboards, shelves, and walls is an excellent way to implement your new scheme. Personally, I painted each area of cupboards different colors and left the wall a light yellow.

Flowers and Decorations

Since spring is known for the flowers that blossom during it, it only seems fit that you add it into your spring themed kitchen. You can get flowers in a vase, but I seem to enjoy flowers planted in a small pot for the more authentic look. These can be found at your local plant nursery and many super markets. This with add a touch of color to your kitchen and you will defiantly get the spring look out of it.

For those who do not want living plants in their kitchen, I have seen many fake flowers, realistic and surrealistic, that would look good in any home. Photographs and prints of flowers and nature make a good wall decoration and are fairly cheap for the effect it has on the room.

Easter Holiday

Easter is the main holiday in spring. Since many of the spring and Easter themes are alike, you can use Easter decorations as spring decorations. Colorful fake eggs are a great touch for the couple of weeks surrounding Easter but probably not appropriate for the entire season. The Easter baskets on the other hand make a perfect decoration for the entire season. A good idea is the line the inside of the basket and put plants into it. Like the baskets, the bunny decorations can also be used throughout the season.


The yellow light bulbs aren’t very attractive in kitchens and they are defiantly not spring-like! Soft, white florescent light bulbs brighten up the kitchen and help to bring out the light, spring colors. Since spring is a bright and happy season, it only makes sense that your kitchen matches. This will bring the outdoors sunshine into your kitchen and will surely enhance your design.


Get dishware that compliments your new kitchen colors. Everything from plates to pots can add to your kitchen’s look if it shares its color scheme. Instead of purchasing solid colored plates, try to find ones with just a colored border. This will make it easier to keep using the plates even after you switch kitchen themes.

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