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Written by Thomas | Published in Business

Now in worldwide, a matter of extreme discussion is going on. It relates to search engine optimization. It is subjected to negative SEO and brings out a horrific change worldwide. The new and legendary incident is made by Google penguin update. That for many renowned websites faces a great problem. Before three months ago, they establish themselves on the front page of the Google search engine but before one week ago they found themselves in 6-10 pages. It’s a great shock for those websites.

So the question is behind that why this has happened? If we see deeply in those websites, then we will see they have many illegal links building businesses. They share spammed links with other websites. They try to create nasty back linking in their websites. So they have come into front page in Google.

According to Google’s spam engineer Matt Cutts, he said that they have tried to remove this job and providing proper ranking. Because there establish many websites those are really worthy for their outcome and presentation of quality content. But these websites are not found in top page. So they try to make updates their program for those useful websites.

Now discussing the terms what is over optimization? We know that maximum websites try to buy website traffic for their sites. But if they have not better quality content and they have less ranking in SEO, then Google compare with balance sheet and the websites got over optimized. But many websites attacked by SEO hacker and lost their trench. So many web engineers find out and published their blogs the recovery system from over optimized. The process is simple but required patient and tricks.

The websites those are hit by over optimization should be recovered by this way…

  • Quality content
  • Links
  • Social Sharing
  • Site Structure & accessibility
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Humans vs Search Engines

The brief description is given below.

  • Quality content based in idea delivery and form. It requires better idea be given, deliver it proper way and try to have a good form. Such as, the site should be well formatted for the visitors and must be informative. The sustainable answer must be present clearly to grow up quality content.
  • Link building should be taken legal purpose. Never buy a link or don’t buy website traffic from the poor or spamming websites. Anchor and keywords should follow strictly to save from spam. Make sure the existence of those links.
  • Sharing the desire website in social media like Face book, Twitter, Google+,, Stumble Upon etc. Tagging of subject related people in Face book, tweet and retweet to websites in owner circle stuff, using update techniques from Google+ are supposed to do.
  • The websites must have a site map to find out it clearly. And also it’s required for saving from website hacker. It should available for human being, not a robot.
  • Use Google webmaster tools for finding the important notice for related topics.
  • It should be flexible and easy search for human as they search easily for their desire note. Proper and easy keywords must be decorated their websites.

So try to be honest for your websites, don’t spam and make sure for human importance and serve them true and meaningful information. SEO services located in West Palm Beach, FL provides the top notch service related to SEO. If you require any SEO services for your website you can contact with them.

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